Purchasing Pool Tables and Accessories Wholesale

Just as pool tables are available through many different retailers, they are available through many different wholesalers or distributors as well. Buying wholesale may work for you if you are furnishing a new bar or game room and need to buy several pool tables or pool table accessories. Keep these things in mind if you are in the market for new or used pool tables at wholesale prices:

1) Most reputable wholesale suppliers probably will not sell you their products at wholesale prices unless you have a real business, Tax ID number, and plan on reselling them.

2) Most wholesale suppliers will have a minimum order quantity or requirement. This will vary depending on the supplier and may be “x” amount of pool tables or “x” amount of dollars.

Finding Wholesale Pool Tables

Doing a simple Google search for “wholesale pool tables” or “used pool tables” wholesale will bring up several results and may help you find a reputable supplier that you could work with.

Manufacturer and trade directories such as Alibaba may be a good place to look. There is a lot of talk about scam artists on Alibaba and other sites similar to it on the internet. If you choose to use a source such as a trade directory, make sure you know who you are dealing with before you purchase.

Personally, my favorite route for finding anything wholesale is to talk to the manufacturer directly. If you own a pool table or some accessories you can usually find the manufacturer labeled on the item itself. A simple search for the manufacturers name will give you any contact information you should need.

Alternatively, you could go to All The Brands.com and search for “pool tables” or “billiard tables”. This will bring up a page with some advertisements at the top. If you scroll down near the bottom, you will see a section called “brands in category”. These are all of the brands or manufacturers on the site for pool tables. Some of the brands I see are Sportcraft, and Wholesale Furniture Brokers.

Next, if you click on one of the manufacturers, it will bring you to another page. Again, there are ads on the top of the page, but if you scroll down to the bottom, you will see the Sportcraft logo. Next to the logo are categories for the products that this company manufactures. In this case we have Sportcraft Air Hockey Tables and Sportcraft Billiard Tables. If you click on Sportcraft Billiard Tables and again scroll to the bottom, you will see “More information about Sportcraft Billiard Tables can be found at http://www.sportcraft.com/”. Of course this method will work to find just about any manufacturer you desire.


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